screams of suffering release

fullmoon mysticism

  • For our Swiss metal selection, today you can find in our online shop "Fullmoon Mysticism", the latest album released by Screams of Suffering. Check this masterful gothic black metal band on our site!
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nox interitus release

shadow riders

  • Out today, the 30th November 2021! "Shadow Riders" by the finest italian black metal band Nox Interitus! Co-release with Krasta Records (CH) and Vacula Productions (UA). Available now in our shop!
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ukronakh release


  • We are pleased to announce the release of "Stonewounds" by the ukrainian atmospheric black metal band Ukronakh! Co-release with Krasta Records (CH), The End Of Time Records (IE) and Kuyen Producciones (CL). Available on our online store from today! Come visit us!
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krasta records release


  • For this special occasion, Krasta Records T-Shirt is now available on our online shop! Stay tuned for more news!
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forsaken legion in live

caves du manoir

borgne, mordor, forsakenlegion, totenheer, kiing tevvor
forsaken legion release


  • Forsaken Legion - Bloodline, in stock on our website! This LP from the Swiss black metal band Forsaken Legion includes 8 new tracks in 41 minutes of aggressive riffs and epic melodies! Check this out!
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eos erethis release

eos erethis

  • On sale on our website: Eos Erethis - Eos Erethis. This mighty EP from the Swiss black metal band Eos Erethis complete with 5 tracks in 26 minutes will prey on your soul. Don't miss this out!
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forsaken legion release

seeds of black dawn

  • Available in our shop: Forsaken Legion - Seeds of Black Dawn, a raw black metal LP from the Swiss band Forsaken Legion complete with 7 tracks in 30 minutes of extreme music from the depths of Hell!
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